Client: NAACP's Solar Equity Initiative
Problem: The Solar Equity Initiative’s mission is to battle housing disparities in low-income communities by providing affordable living through renewable solar energy. Through a developed brand identity, they are hoping to achieve more projects through expanding their reach.
Solution: Through a new brand identity, I believe the Solar Equity Initiative can expand their engagement and become a well-known asset throughout various communities looking for their services. The intention of this new identity is to be welcoming and playful while also telling a story.
Designer: Justin Lenton

Logo Design

The logo designed is comprised of a wordmark on the right that states the name of the initiative, alongside 4 pictoral marks on the left which represent (from top left to bottom right): the Sun/Solar Energy, Growth, Equity/Solar Panels, and Community.
Branding Deliverables System

Branding Website Design

Landing Page Wireframe

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